About Krystlebot

Oh hey there, thanks for clicking through to find out more about me.

My name is Krystle and I love making earrings. It all started at a workshop with a friend turned hobby. I really enjoyed the creative spark it ignited in me and got a lot of compliments on the ones I made for myself or for friends so thought, why not create them for others.

I enjoy the hand painted earrings the most because I can create something one-off that nobody else has. Yes, I am an earring kind of Golum like that thinking "my precious" at all the one-off earrings I have that nobody else does. I also love having the perfect pair of earrings to either match or contrast an outfit effortlessly which is what the hand painted designs can do.

I proudly make my earrings in Perth in the company of my lovely husband, pet rabbit Fluffball and the cat, Simba.

Things I love: bunnies, peated whiskey, Nutella and chilli (there are lots more but that's a whole other thing).

Things I think are overrated/don't enjoy: sun dried tomatoes, average food (like who has time for a bad meal) and Perth drivers (again, lots more but keeping it short and sweet here).